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        How does it work?

        You tell us a little about yourself and your space and answer a few questions, share a floor plan if you have one. That’s it! We then match you with a couple designers that are suited for your project. They will call you, do a site visit and submit a proposal based on your information. If all looks well, you can then hire a designer and off you go. We hold your hand rest of the way till your design is complete and you are satisfied with your space.

        How do interior designers charge for their professional design time?

        Hiring an interior designer is an investment in saving you time and acquiring the peace of mind that your job is being executed professionally, in a cost-effective manner and to your liking.

        Currently, there is not one industry standard for how interior designers bill for their professional time, but there are three common formats– Hourly, Flat Fee and Cost Plus.


        As its name implies, hourly billing means you are charged an hourly fee per team member for the time it takes to complete your project, which is not commonly practiced in India. A Flat Fee arrangement means you are billed one flat fee for the design, execution and completion of your job. And, Cost Plus means a flat fee based on the percentage of the cost of your job is billed.

        When interviewing your prospective interior designer makes sure you clearly understand their billing practices and frequency. Archizi will work with you to develop a mutually agreeable Estimated Budget of Professional Design Time based on the size of your project.

        What is Archizi’s style?

        We don’t subscribe to a just one particular design style such as modern, transitional or traditional. As creative professionals we enjoy working on a variety of project styles from elegant traditional kitchens, to soft-modern bathrooms, to mid-century family rooms, to name a few. This keeps business fresh and interesting. As such, we are always seeking out new artisans and vendors to help create new, custom pieces for you that complement your personalized style that we co-create with you.

        We do not believe in having a style. We believe in creating it. We design your project according to your needs and budget. In the wake, something called style just gets created.

        How do you go about execution?

        We are very glad you asked! While we work with best in-class interior design talent, one of our great strengths is our curated network of furniture manufacturers and an in-house project management team and a workshop. This team and network makes us capable of executing any kind of interior project, residential or commercial, small or large. So yes, we have contractors as well!

        Other firms mark-up merchandise, do you?

        Merchandise mark-up is a common way for design firms to make money; this is a common practice because many firms have exclusive relationships with furniture vendors that grant them access to pieces that you could not get on your own because you are not in the industry. Because of this exclusive access, many design firms get a discounted price from the vendor which allows room to mark-up the product. The amount of mark-up, like many things in life, depends on the product and its exclusivity.

        Similar to other firms in the industry, we may mark-up merchandise that we purchase for you; however this is typically only done if we can get a better price for you than you could get by going to the vendor and purchasing the item yourself. For instance, if you find an ottoman you love; a vendor may charge you 20,000 for that item (or may not even let you know the price because you are not a member of “the trade”). By having us work with the vendor directly, we may be able to purchase the same ottoman for slightly less, and pass along some of the savings to you. Where possible, we will discount products off retail. Because vendors do not provide a uniform discount to the design industry, it is impossible to provide a standard discount rate.