Danilo Paint Showroom 

Location: Shantou, China 

Interior Designers: Jingu Phoenix Space Planning Organization 

Area: 240 m² 

Year: 2020 

The designer intended to create various spatial scenes by utilizing paint of different textures, and construct a series of artistic spaces with smooth circulations to attract visitors to explore, reflect, and encounter with surprises. The skylight and the switchable floor-to-ceiling glass blur the spatial boundaries and introduce natural light and shadows in, which attract visitors to stop for a moment and reflect. Different kinds of white paint that are respectively characterized by fine sand-like, semi polished, and brushed textures are utilized, showing a pleasing disharmony while at the same time harmoniously expressing various subtle emotions. Just as Salvatore Quasimodo wrote, beauty is reflected not only in harmony but also in disharmony, because the latter sometimes can also reach the peak of aesthetic.

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